1) Muhammed Musthafa

The President of the NGO who initiated the idea of setting up such facilities for children is Muhammed Musthafa. He is a perfect blend of 3 C’s  great confidence, good communication and 101% commitment all qualities of a good leader with a sense of humour hard to miss. With his foresight Drikshya will become one of the most successful NGO’s in the country.


2) Prachi Vidhani 

Prachi’s forte lies in her thirst for knowledge, and accurate resources. This makes her the newspaper of our team with all the prompt, up to date information available whenever required in the least time possible. Her research is backed with validity beyond perfection, this makes Prachi rightfully , the Head of the Research and Development department


3) Namrata Amar 

Reliable and strong willed, Namrata easily grabs the limelight due to her vibrant personality. Efficiently organised and punctual. If she has decided on something, it will take a lot to dampen her spirits or deviate her from her path. Her determination is her major strength and the reason she is the well deserved Head of the Research and Development department.


4) Nishtha Rengarajan

Hard work, intelligence and a strong mind,  is what makes up Nishtha.  Recognising the ability and intentions of commitment of an individual by just talking to them for a few minutes is where her forte lies. Her motto lies in try succeeding or die trying. It is no surprise that  this tenacious founder is the Head of the HR department.


5) Unnati Shahani 

Out spoken, good orator, very well indulged with extra curricular activities, Unnati stands out with her excellent communication skills. Warm and friendly, this founder has found her place in the HR department.


6) Taronish Dastoor 

Taronish is a person who believes in opportunity for everyone. A bundle of joy, incurably optimistic and free-spiritied. She is witty and innovative, this founder is the head of the Marketing department.


7) Ria Lobo 

Happy go lucky, street smartness, sincerity and creativity are Ria’s attributes. With a very pleasant personality and knack at convincing with sincere intentions, Ria is the vice head of the Marketing department.


8) Jeffy John Malayil 

Profoundly compassionate and an elegant communicator who can inspire others with her ideals. She has the ability to get along socially with any type of crowd. She is consistently willing to learn new skills and believes that it is always “Learning -in-progress”.  Truly loyal and supportive, this founder is a part of the PR Department.


9) Chrishelle Pinto 

A systematic personality with a tremendous verve which is exhibited in everything she does.  Significantly hard working and responsible. With a very active mind and excellent sense of timing, she has found her place in the PR department.


10) Nevil George Francis 

Once he decides to do something, he will put all his mind and energy into it. Exceptionally hardworking and selfless, Nevil is endowed with a natural ability to co-operate on an outstanding level. Empathetic, with a heart to help the poor and needy. A great humanitarian in the making, this founder is the head of the Operations Department.