About Us

At Drikshya we aim to be the change we want to see in the world. Dreaming big is something we all have experienced at some point or the other in our lives; we all know where we want to be in the future and how big we want to make it. Our initiative is about giving the less fortunate kids in India a chance to dream, a chance to believe in themselves and the world around them. Drikshya is a chance at a new life, one filled with opportunities and self-empowerment. Our team knows the value of education and strongly believe that each and every child is entitled to experience the joy of knowledge. We are focused on providing high quality education to the underprivileged youth in India. We stand strong for not only their education and future but also for the future of India. Ultimately, we are what our future holds and our future is our youth.
To provide education to children who lack the opportunity to do so

To eradicate illiteracy in India


  • Bring high quality education to the kids in India who don’t have the resources to do so for themselves.
  • Expand to as many cities across India as possible
  • Ensure education to each child from preschool till high school.
  • Introduce each child to a good healthcare system.
  • Enable the child to be socially aware, build a sense of responsibility.
  • Discover, encourage and cultivate hidden talents each child holds.
  • Facilitate good decision making with the children.
  • Support the experience of school life that each child is entitled to.