Together We Teach

The roots of development stem from the education that an individual receives. Many children within India are unable to attain a decent education because of their financial conditions and the atmosphere to which they are subjected to. Therefore, our main and most encouraged step of action we can make available to you is the ‘together we teach’ programme, it gives you the opportunity to sponsor a child’s education from the day they step foot into kindergarten to the moment they graduate from  grade 12. We promise and ensure that each child will receive a good education at a high quality CBSE curriculum boarding school. Moreover, you will have the option of being in contact with the child you are sponsoring  which gives you an opportunity to not only build a relationship with the child but to also guide them through the times that lie ahead.  We aim to make sure that the children are provided with security, moral support and other extracurricular activities throughout their schooling years so as to equip them for the working world. The aim of this program is not only to offer education to children in need but to also enhance their learning skills and bring about a positive personality development. Your contribution will help shape a child’s future in a positive manner, helping them reach their maximum potential.  The phrase ‘together we teach’ do not imply and focus only on the development in terms of education  but also in teaching these young kids to live a life worth living, one that is a living example of hope and the triumph of goodness in the world.