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The foundation and the definition of any organization are the people within it, be it a profitable company or a charity association. Our team is comprised of various individuals who have willingly taken up responsibilities to collectively work towards a unified dream. The Drikshya community is growing day by day and we seize every opportunity we get to add new members. With that said , this is a shout out to anyone who knows that being part of this organization is something you want to do and that it will better the lives of many children along with your own.


Like any NGO we need support and one of the best ways you can do this is by volunteering. We have two types of volunteer; permanent and regular volunteers and those who contribute when they can. Permanent members are delegated to one of the divisions within Drikshya such as the human resources unit, the marketing department or the Public relations sector, the individual will be allocated to their division in accordance to their strong points and interests which will be evaluated through an informal interview. For those of you who wish to pitch in whenever you can, we need volunteers to help with the events that we conduct and on days when we need more manpower. There are no minor ways in which you can contribute as a volunteer; any contribution will get us a step closer towards attaining success.


Note: our operations are held only in Kerala, primarily Ernakulam, Thrissur, Alapuzha and Kozhikode districts.


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