Feed a Friend

We are fully aware that many individuals who want to contribute cannot do so on a monthly basis due to financial constrains , therefore we have developed a programme that will enable individuals to help with donations that they can make whenever they have the financial opportunity to do so. “Feed a friend” is a programme that allows you to sponsor food in orphanages and kids we see on the street. With rampant poverty in India, thousands of unfortunate children are forced into starvation, and food is considered a privilege and the meals that we have on a day to day bases is to them an unrealistic thought or just another fantasy. The idea of the programme is to go to different orphanages within our capacity and provide them with a special meal as often as possible, we also aim to conduct events where our team and volunteers go out on the streets and provide underprivileged kids with food packages that could help them carry on. Your contributions will make sure those children who have little or no access to food will keep receiving food supplies. For the children who are born into this misfortune of poverty and hunger, no amount is less, every penny counts.